Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

changing locations

It's been a while, I know. I think I got a bit sidetracked.
In about 2 weeks I'll close my shop for good, so it's time to gather up a few things.

Before I had the shop I used to paint and craft at home. I had a room converted for all my arts and crafts.
When I opened the store I re-located all my arts stuff there and my "atelier" became a storage / clutter room.
Dusty and crammed. a room you'd just pass to get to the lavatory but not one you spend mote time in than neccessary.
Well today is my day off, and istead of spending it on the couch, reading or sewing, I decided I'd get a head start and tidy that storage room.
The better of the day I spent celaning and rumaging through boxes and bins.
I still don't have it back in the order I'd like it to be but so far it's manaegble and I need to find time to throw out some furniture...
So after tidying and cleaning I decided to run for the first materials and a comission I'm currently working on.
I would've thought it felt weirder, getting my stuff back home.
At work it was a wee bit creepy, and i admitt i got kinda used to having all materials at the tips of my fingers...
When i carried the easle and canvas up the stairs it felt like coming home. Setting the stuff up felt great. Only now i knotice how different working at the shop was.
At home I can, literally, roll out of bed and start working. i can watch tv or listen to music. And even more important. no one comes in to bother me!
gosh I am so looking forward to working here again :)

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