Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

A rural view on Art

Living and working in a rather rural area sometimes gives you a very special view on things.
Far away from the more or less thriving german art scene it's hard to loose contact to the "base".

Actually the base is made of concrete round here, with a lead filling.

Every once in a while, well yeah every week, I see myself confronted with people / potential customers who tell me in rather blunt words that they "would" buy some colours, brushes etc. "if" they had any talent.
There I usually start to explain to them that art isn't about being good or having talent but to have fun whilst doing it!.
and I hit a wall on a regular basis.
It's really frustrating because I know where they're coming from. Of course it's important for an artist that the result of his/her efforts turns out good.
But painting or drawing is like learning an instrument or picking up a sport.
You don't get to be instant master.

And there I am. confronted with people who seem genuinely interested in art but who are too scared to pick it up. Who are even to scared to buy materials because someone could think it's a stupid idea.
Some days selling art supplies feels like selling porn.

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