Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Music vs Painting

I do both.
Schooled in several painting techniques I also can play a few instruments and used to be a singer, too (ugh in another life, so to say)
I've always been better at painting tho. 

Painting is quiet. no one notices you. You can sit in your little room and paint and no one will notice. When you sit in your little room and practice piano every neighbour will tell you when you hit the wrong key.
(I know that first hand...)

On the other hand... no one notices you. 

For me, music has the deeper impact. It's intimate, intensive, emotional. 
When I look at paintings or prints they touch me in one way or the other. They make me think or smile, I ponder about techniques or brushstrokes. About the artists message... There are paintings at which I can look for a long time and just feel content doing so. 
But tis still shallow somehow. 
With music it's more umpf! There are songs that immediately make me cry. Not because they're so sad but because they're so beautiful. I have that a lot with piano music. 
Just today when driving to a friend my playlist jumped to Michael Nymans the heart asks pleasure first. 
I know it's probably a little cheesy but this song always touches me. At that moment it made me smile feeling whole and warm. 
I never had such a feeling when loking at a painting. 

Perhaps that's the reason why I have no issues showing my paintings but keep my music close to me.

Making my art public, selling it. I have to take a lot of crap. Including things like
- customer throws painting away
- painting given as present gets stowed away so no one sees it
- customer giving so many "helpful tips" that finished artwork is ruined

and of course the usual
- uh that's ugly !
- don't you think that's a bit pricy?
- don't you think that's ways to cheap?

A long time ago I found ways to seperate myself from my paintings. 
I can't do that with music. 

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