Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

painting, painting, painting...

When I go on like this I'll end up like Monet with the brushes tied to my wrist.
I've had some issues with carpal tunnel lately. That plus a possible (untreated) boxers fracture 2 years ago... I should go see a doctor, I know...
Or, at least, I should take it a little easy on the painting and writing.
But, alas...
The new technique is such fun and I can't keep my hands away from the brush for long.
But I really should.
I guess I will if the pain gets worse.
Right now tis just hindering my piano play (found that out the hard way, recently) and picking up and handling small things like needles...
as long as I can hold a brush I guess I will...

On the schedule for next week is;
working on with that oil portrait I have been dabbling with for a while now.
a possible watercolour comission.
and probably making a new (comissioned) sweatshirt design.

This leaves me enough time inbetween for some more working on the new technique.
see? I can't keep away.
Tomorrow is "office day" so I might give my hand some rest.
wish me luck!