Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

sold a painting today

Today was a rather weird day.
It started off with a doctors appointment to get my hands checked out....
Good news; ts not carpal tunnel (at least not this time...)
The doc made a lot of fuzz but the chances are high i just trapped a nerve somewhere.
i'll get over it, as usual ;) hopefully i get a prescribtion for some nice massages :D

It was my day off, well afternoon off... and i had another doctors appt planned, dentist this time. i decided to skip it. the early morning appointment emptied my resources for medical talk and waiting rooms... so after work i went to bed to watch some tv and stretch out a little.
little did i know.
i was just getting comfy when my phone rang.
the customers who wanted to drop by this week to see me about that comission had just dropped in....
of course!
so i went to work, talked with them, they bought the painting i suggested
(yay for me)
and we went to my place for some tea and cake :)
and for a little strole afterwards.
and by then it was already time to go feed the cats and meet with uli for some tshirt printing.

so much for my day off.
and of course we didn't talk about definitive prices...

but i got money in my pocket :D and some more coming my way soon.
that'S good i guess.
and if my hands don't get better i can still paint with my mouth and charge higher prices :D

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