Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Thank god it's monday!

Yeah I'm serious!
Never underestimate OCD when you left an unfinished painting at work.

Usually I can compartmentalize, but I was trying out a new technique which prived to be a lot of fun. And when OCD meets fun it gets difficult :D
Since saturday afternoon that half finished watercolour kept nagging me.
So you can imagine when monday came I was relieved to go back to work.

And what a great day it was!
I finished the first test painting:

And whilst still adding the last strokes I already had the idea / urge to paint something "original in the same technique.
I had a photo in mind which I had found a few days ago.
My all time favourite singer, Melody Gardot. The few times when her music isn't inspiring me her amazing photo shoots usually are.
So putting the first on the side to dry in peace I grabbed my sketch pad and got at it again :)

Turned out quite OK I think. 
Basically I'm still using too much colour but I think I'm getting there.

This technique is basically a common watercolour technique. 
You start with really light colours and then start blending in the darker shades and details. I'm working on dry paper, only moistening the parts I'm about to paint so I get clearer lines. 
Everything is allowed, I use straws and tissue  to move the colour across the paper.
It helps to stay within a narrow colour range. not too many different colours 3 maybe 4 are enough otherwise it'll crowd. 
A neat trick is using Derwent Inktense Blocks cause they become permanten once they're dry. so you can put different colours on top of each other without ending up with a huge brown blob :)

So if you want to try it out:
go for it!
here's some music to inspire :D

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