Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Am I a movable pivot?

A while ago I was offered a job.
Something that doesn't happen that often in todays economy.
Back then I still had a job but things weren't looking that great.

So far I've mainly had jobs in retail and usually on the lower end of the food chain.
After I lost one of those jobs in 2009 I decided to become my own boss. For the last three years I've managed my own shop, sold artsupplies and paper. But the local economy is going down hill and I had nothing left to back up my idea. So it was time to move on.
A few months before I decided to close my shop, this job offer came. And, of course, I had a long, hard think about it. Even before I reached a desicion the job offer was postponed.
Well, things happen...
Then, all of a sudden, a few weeks ago the offer was back on.
This time with bells and whistles.

I'm a country girl, I like living in my village. and I've, by now, lived longer in my little bell etage flat than  I lived in my parents house. I literally grew up in this flat, taking it over after my grandmas death. It's mine. I know every nook and cranny, the tricky shower, the lopsided stove.... everything.
For the new job I have to move south. About 2.5 hours, by car, from here. In a beautiful town, where I already have some friends.
And more important, I have a propper job. A boss I am really, really, fond of. And a boss who wants me!

I'm inofficially unemployed by now, still officially self employed I closed my shop a few weeks ago. I've been looking for new jobs in my area but so far I drew blanks everytime.

So when the job was offered a second time I more or less jumped at the chance. Well I have to admitt it was an Elephants jump (Elephants can't jump btw.).
There's this job, more or less waiting for me, with a boss who says "I need YOU! Your skills, your motivation, your character." She's in the same hobby, too, and we get along marvlously.
Only drawback is; I'll have to move.
Admittedly I wasn't fond of the idea. but by now I've had a few days to get used to the concept.
Tomorrow I'll drive down there to have a nice talk, probably a few gin tonics and a nice BBQ followed by a few days of getting my bearings and looking at a flat.
This is a big chance for me. A great job, of which I know I can be good at.
A new city.
It's time to move.
Perhaps time to re-invent myself.
I'm just a bit freaked out about managing the move whilst still selling off the last bits of my own shop and already working the new one.
oh dear...

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